Oliver van Bilsen living with an electric BMW C evolution scooter electric motorbike

Are eco-friendly motorbikes the future, or the now?

(Contributed post for our eco-friendly UK readers) With air pollution responsible for some 50,000 deaths a year in Britain, electric vehicles may just be the future. However, their expensive price tags and charging mishaps mean that many people avoid them completely. Electric cars may be well-known, but electric motorcycles are now enjoying their day and …

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zero tesla quietest police pursuit

Quietest police pursuit in history

A San Francisco police officer riding an electric Zero Motorcycle recently pulled over a driver in an electric Tesla Model 3 in what must have been the quietest police pursuit of all time. Zero posted an image of the historic moment on their Facebook page, but it may not be the last time this happens. …

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RMK E2 prototype electric motorcycle

Anything goes with electric RMK E2

Electric motorcycles are not bound by the physical constraints of internal combustion engines, so just about anything goes, like this electric E2 from Finnish company RMK. Electric motors can be just about any shape and size and you can use multiple motors, while the batteries can also be any shape and size, especially if they …

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Kymco proposes battery swap scheme for Ionex electric scooter

Magnesium may boost electric bikes

Rechargeable batteries with magnesium instead of lithium could extend the range of electric vehicles as much as 50% and make them lighter and cheaper, new research has found. CVMR Energy Metals says their eight-year research has found that magnesium (Mg) anodes in rechargeable batteries pack 50% more power as it has a higher energy density …

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Harley electric LiveWire ID

Transport expert supports bicycle ID

The coming wave of electric bikes and scooters will create an overlap with bicycles that will put more pressure on cyclists to have ID plates or devices, a transport expert says. Emeritus Professor of Transport Marcus Wigan says bicycles are legal transport and as such should be bound by the same features of ID as other …

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Ducati Zero electric concept

Ducati amps up electric bike race

Ducati boss Claudio Domenicali rides a Hypermotard converted to electric power with a Zero FX powertrain and recently said the company is about to join the electric bike race. At a recent student event in Spain he told the crowd: “The future is electric, we’re not far from starting series production.” It’s no news that …

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Matt Le Blanc wheelies electric Alta

Matt Le Blanc says electric bikes ‘the future’

“This is definitely the future,” says Matt Le Blanc in the latest Top Gear video where he and motoring journalist Chris Harris ride electric dirt bikes through a forest looking for Big Foot. It’s a great endorsement for electric motorcycles; at least for riding off-roading. However, the only problem is they are riding Alta Redshifts …

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