Krautmotors electric 1976 BMW R 60/6 we'd own

Krautmotors BMW R60 is an electric motorcycle

You wouldn’t believe this classic 1976 BMW R 60/6, built by German customiser Rolf Rieck of Krautmotors, is actually an electric motorcycle. It’s a work of art and absolutely beautiful. While most electric scooters and motorcycles look a little odd or cartoonish, this classic is something we’d actually like to own and be proud to be seen …

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KTM X-Bow GT, R and RR

KTM expands its vehicles with X-Bow racer

Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM plans to develop a motorsport version of its X-Bow four-wheeler. Up until 2008, KTM was just making off-road motorcycles, but since then has expanded into road bikes and now electric bikes with more to follow. However, they recently axed their planned scooter project, with KTM spokesman Thomas Kuttruff saying they wanted to concentrate on …

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