Riderbuds earphones

RiderBuds smallest earphones for riders

RiderBuds earphones claim to be the smallest, softest, toughest, quietest and most secure earphones for riders that won’t come out when you put your helmet on or take it off. Founder Maurice Dziubinski says he has spent hundreds of hours testing the earphones, talked with more than 1000 riders around the world and had a …

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SlimBuds motorcycle earphones in production

SlimBuds motorcycle earphones go into production

Production of SlimBuds Bluetooth motorcycle earphones has begun a year after the company launched its successful crowd-funding program and they will be ready for shipping in August. CEO Alperen Topay recently sent me a set of pre-production earphones and the associated app to test ahead of production models which will cost $US140 (about $A189) in grey or black …

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Earmold owner Aaron Dalle-Molle

New Earmold custom earplugs, earphones

Earmold Australia has added a new service of Lab-Flex custom earplugs to now offer even longer lasting motorcycle rider earplugs and handcraft specialised lab-mould electronic plugs for earphones. Earmold Australia owner Aaron Dalle-Molle (pictured above) of Brisbane says they still make the original Insta-Mold plugs for $75 with a two-year warranty, but now also offer …

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SlimBuds earphones

SlimBuds bike earphones add comfort

New SlimBuds Bluetooth motorcycle earphones are claimed to be the most comfortable and secure with an app that dampens wind noise, but highlights important sounds for safety. Mechanical engineer Alperen Topay came up with the idea of slim-fitting earphones while on his daily motorcycle commute to work as an R&D engineer at one of Europe’s largest TV and …

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HelloEar Arc custom-fit earphones

Custom Arc earphones may suit riders

HelloEar Arc custom earphones are claimed to stay put – even when you pull your motorcycle helmet on – are cheaper than personally moulded earphones and you won’t need a professional fitter to make a mould of your ear. Instead, the company uses a database of “hundreds of thousands” of ear shapes gathered from four years of research with …

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Earmold earphones arc

France bans earphones on motorcyclists

Motorcyclists applaud any move that makes drivers more attentive but now the French are banning earphones for all motorists, including motorcycle and scooter riders. The ban is intended to also stop drivers from using earphones with a microphone to make and receive phone calls while driving, although they can still use a hands-free Bluetooth set-up. While …

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