Earmold Australia

What are the best Earmold Australia plugs?

Earmold Australia have been making earplugs for Aussie riders since 1988 and now produce their own laboratory-made Lab-Flex earplugs. We’ve tested them all over the past 10 or so years and love them all. They are our favourite way of protecting our hearing, staying in touch with the outside world (work commitments!) and enjoying music …

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Earmold owner Aaron Dalle-Molle

New Earmold custom earplugs, earphones

Earmold Australia has added a new service of Lab-Flex custom earplugs to now offer even longer lasting motorcycle rider earplugs and handcraft specialised lab-mould electronic plugs for earphones. Earmold Australia owner Aaron Dalle-Molle (pictured above) of Brisbane says they still make the original Insta-Mold plugs for $75 with a two-year warranty, but now also offer …

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Earmold earphones arc

Earmold lets you answer phone

  Earmold in-ear phones just got a whole lot better – now you can answer your mobile phone on the move, pause and play, skip tracks and adjust the volume. If you don’t already know, Earmold are personally moulded earplugs ($70 for bike riders) connected via a flexible air tube to speakers, so you can …

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Sena SMH10 Bluetooth review

Don’t you just love it when technology works?
 Over the past few months I have been testing a Sena SMH10 Bluetooth system. I’ve tested many Bluetooth systems over the years and this is the best. It simply works every time, the speakers and microphone are crystal clear and it’s simple to use and quick to …

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