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President Trump E15 fuel pledge riles riders

President Donald Trump says his is “getting very close” to approving a waiver to allow 15% ethanol fuel blends (E15) to be sold year-round. The American Motorcyclist Association is furious. It says it is illegal to use fuel containing more than 10% ethanol in motorcycles and ATVs. They say ethanol can damage fuel systems and …

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Rider group calls to stop ethanol fuel push

Governments are continuing to push ethanol fuel on the market, despite the fact that it can damage some motorcycle engines. In Australia, Queensland and NSW force service stations to supply a certain percentage of E10 (10% ethanol blend) fuel. In the US, there are moves to push that blend from 10% to 15%. The American …

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Avoid filling your motorcycle tank with ethanol fuel

Steer clear of ethanol in motorcycles

MotorbikeWriter has frequently suggested riders steer clear of using ethanol fuel in their motorcycles and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency agrees that it can damage motorcycle engines. The US agency says ethanol-blended fuels increase exhaust temperatures which can cause component failure. It has proposed a cutback in its availability. Ethanol is a type of alcohol produced by …

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