Prof Rutledge Plastic fibre tougher than Kevlar

Plastic fibre tougher than Kevlar

A new polyethylene nano fibre that is thinner, tougher, lighter and cheaper than Kevlar and Dyneema could be the next big thing in motorcycle clothing, especially riding jeans. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a process that can easily produce ultrafine polymer fibres that are exceptional strong, very thin and inexpensive to …

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draggin Rebel jeans have almost double the abrasion resistance

Draggin ‘doubles’ abrasion resistance

Draggin Jeans continues to improve its products with the latest Rebel and Revz jeans now featuring a 20% lighter lining and almost twice the abrasion resistance. According to Draggin’s testing, they will now withstand more than 7.46 seconds of road abrasion, that is, sliding down the road. The lighter lining is also more breathable, cooler and …

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Draggin stylin’ up with Revz jeans

Revz jeans are the latest protective pants from Draggin Jeans who are celebrating 20 years of being a part of Australian motorcycle culture. The classic-style men’s jeans are part of Draggin’s Next-Gen range which won the Australian company a “best of the best” award this year in the inaugural Motorcycle Brand Contest run by the …

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Single-layer protective denim safer

Single-layer motorcycle clothing that passes safety tests is getting closer with DSM Dyneema gaining European approval after the latest tests. Their single-layer denim with elastic material and a large amount of Dyneema has passed the four-second abrasion test. It now gains an EN13595-1 approval for level 1 which means abrasion resistance of four seconds or …

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Dyneema Denim ‘tough as leather’

Dutch company Dyneema Denim is launching a single-layer denim that meets the toughest CE standards for protection without the need for a separate layer. They say their new fabric will provide the same protection as leather (about 3.7 seconds of abrasion resistance), but will keep you cooler. However, it will also be fairly expensive. Australian company …

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