Selfies new scourge of road deaths Have your say on regulating driver distraction

Have your say on regulating driver distraction

Technology has outpaced road rules on driver distraction, leaving the current rules inadequate, difficult to police and confusing as they vary between state boundaries. So, in the wake of a recent national summit on driver distraction, the National Transport Commission is calling for public input to tighten the rules. Rather than seeking a technological solution, …

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Cops mobile phone penalties day of action

Tougher penalties for driver distraction

Tougher penalties for illegal use of mobile phones while driving will be discussed at a three-day Driver Distraction National Summit in Brisbane from Monday (1 July 2019). According to Defense Attorney Patrick O’Keefe should the driver distraction be reviewed, motorists could get charged for mundane offenses such as looking at the GPS system, grooming, taking …

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Ford may add another driver distraction

As if there aren’t enough driver distractions in modern cars, Ford may consider adding another distraction in the form of a water drinking fountain in the front console between the driver and passenger seats. Riders have already acknowledged driver distractions as their top concern when riding on the road. Now they could have another distraction to …

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