Draggin Holeshot jeans win award

Draggin Holeshot jeans win design award

Australian motorcycle jeans company Draggin Jeans have won a “best of the best” award for their Holeshot jeans in the inaugural Motorcycle Brand Contest run by the German Design Council. The men’s Holeshot jeans also won a 2014 Red Dot Award for Product Design for their “seamless fashion design”. Holeshot is the first product in the …

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Draggin Hydro waterproof jacket and pants

Draggin Hydro really is waterproof riding gear

A drier-than-normal autumn is not the best time to test the Draggin Hydro waterproof jacket and pants, but I found a simple way to show they are watertight. READ THE JUNE 2016 UPDATE AT THE END OF THIS STORY FOR RESULTS IN REAL-WORLD CONDITIONS! Draggin is an Australian company which invented the world’s first abrasion-resistant jeans and …

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Draggin jeans extreme clothing

Draggin improves motorcycle protective jeans

Australian motorcycle protective clothing company Draggin will release the first single-layer denim jeans with abrasion resistance higher than four seconds. The company also claims the jeans will be as comfortable to wear as a regular pair of jeans. Their announcement follows the ABC Catalyst program on March 29, 2016, which highlighted the difference in quality …

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Marlon Brando in The Wild One (left) and the Draggin Selvedge jeans

Brando style in Draggin Selvedge jeans

Protection and a little bit of Marlon Brando style have merged in the latest offering from Australian motorcycle apparel company Draggin. The Selvedge jeans are similar to the worn-look jeans Marlon Brando wore in the famed 1953 movie The Wild One. Before the 1950s, denim was made on a shuttle loom which produced a tightly …

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Xray profile of Draggin Jeans

Draggin in DuPont Kevlar top 50 products

Australian motorcycle protection clothing company Draggin has been listed by DuPont Kevlar in its 50th Anniversary to be one of the 50 best products to use Kevlar.  It is the only Australian company recognised by in the DuPont Kevlar 50th anniversary list which also includes products such as Goodyear Wangler tyres, Beauer socks, Walls Workwear, and Adidas …

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Sexy Draggin Stealth jeggings

Draggin bringing sexy back to riding

Isn’t it about time sexy was brought back to women’s protective motorcycle clothing rather than baggy, androgynous gear? Australian motorcycle protection clothing company Draggin thinks so and has introduced Stealthz, the first motorcycle “jeggings”, to their women’s collection. Jeggings are a combination of jeans and leggings. Draggin executive assistant Kristy Horne says the the new Stealthz …

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Xray profile of Draggin Jeans

Draggin Jeans proves its Kevlar credentials

Draggin Jeans has gone on the offensive to prove that their product contains real certified DuPont Kevlar. Now you can scan the Izon Security label on their Draggin Classics with an I-nigma App on your smartphone which will direct you to a link which certifies the product for the registered trademarks of Dupont and Kevlar. …

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Draggin Razzo protective motorcycle jeans DuPont kevlar

Razzo motorcycle jeans are most comfortable

Have you ever suffered heat rash from protective motorcycle jeans because of the kevlar killing? I’ve tried a lot of these jeans and most are prickly hot in summer and scratchy in winter, but none is as comfortable al year round as the new Razzo jeans ($289) from Australian company Draggin. They have a “mesh sports …

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Harley rider Jeans

First Harley rider jeans with protection

Harley-Davidson has entered the performance jeans market with a range of three rider jeans featuring the lining that made Australian company Draggin famous. The jeans feature Draggin’s Roomoto protection fabric which offers race-level protection of 7.45 seconds of road abrasion. The lining also has an antibacterial treatment and “climate control” to take away heat and sweat …

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Draggin Hydro jacket and jeans

Draggin adds waterproof riding gear

The makers of the first abrasion-resistant motorcycle jeans, Draggin, have now developed a waterproof version and a matching jacket. The Australian company claim the Hydro jacket and jeans are comfortable, waterproof and breathable. If they work as they are claimed, it would mean no more stopping at the side of the road to put on …

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