Alarmbox motorcycle motion sensor alarm

Alarmbox may negate need for lock

The Alarmbox aftermarket motion sensor alarm could negate your need to physically lock your motorcycle with a chain or disc lock. Many aftermarket disc locks now have similar sensors. However, the Alarmbox is convenient as you may not need to use a physical locking system. It is similar to the motion sensors built into the …

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SXP Chinese motorcycle locks disc lock

Chinese motorcycle locks are tough

China’s largest security motorcycle locks brand SXP (Security eXperienced Products) is now available in Australia. Despite much of our motorcycle gear and some components in our Euro/Am/Jap bikes now made in China, there is still consumer suspicion about the quality of Chinese-made products. So we put a couple to the test with some of the “tools of the trade” used …

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Kovix disc lock

Kovix motorcycle disc lock

The Kovix Security KDL6 Alarmed Disc Lock has a high-quality stainless-steel hardened pin system designed for resistance against any form of attack. The zinc alloy body has been double-coated, ensuring corrosion resistance in any weather and is available in black, yellow, orange or stainless steel. The 120dB alarm is powered by a CR2 lithium battery …

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Motorcycle theft

Lockstraps prevent motorcycle theft

A simple strap could help reduce motorcycle theft in Australia which has one of the highest rates in the world. Lockstraps Australia are now importing Lockstraps from the USA which not only help secure your bike, but also your possessions. There are several length of Lockstraps, all of which have combination-lock carabiners and an eight-braided stainless …

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How to park your motorcycle

You would think parking your bike would be a simple matter of kicking down the side stand and getting off. But it’s much more complicated than that with issues of mechanics, physics and the law to consider. HEAVY BIKES Riders of light bikes don’t have near as much to worry about as people with large …

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