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Demo motorcycle rides increase sales 10%

Offering demo rides will increase motorcycles by 10%, according to EZ Rider Demo which has invented a system to help dealers offer more test rides. Unlike car dealerships, motorcycle dealerships are reticent to offer demo rides for several reasons including heightened insurance risks. EZ  Rider Demo has invented a system where potential buyers sign up for a …

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Why don’t more dealers offer test rides?

Despite the continuing slump in motorcycle sales, too many dealers sill don’t offer test rides, one of the most important sales tools they have! You wouldn’t buy a car without a test ride, so why should riders be denied the opportunity to test out the bike first? Some dealers don’t even allow customers to sit …

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Demo rides improve motorcycle sales

The availability of demo rides not only improves customer satisfaction of dealerships but also increases motorcycle sales, according to a US motorcycle industry study. The ninth annual Pied Piper Prospect Satisfaction Index (PSI) US Motorcycle Industry Benchmarking Study found that test rides are offered 63% of the time to mystery shoppers compared with 34% five …

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Demo rides top list in customer satisfaction

An American study of customer satisfaction has found that dealers are offering more demo rides. The Pied Piper Prospect Satisfaction Index shows that US dealerships mention either immediate or future demo rides 52% of the time, compared with only 36% of the time three years ago. However, there is much variation from brand to brand. …

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