Double demerit points

How double demerit points can affect you

Double demerit points apply from Friday (20 December 2019) in NSW, the ACT and Western Australia, affecting licensed riders not only in those states, but also Queensland. The penalty period lasts until January 1 (inclusive) in NSW and ACT and January 5 in WA where one rider copped a hefty 14 demerit points and $1200 fine …

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high visibility motorcycle clothing panic remove

Call to remove mandatory learner hi-vis

The Victorian Motorcycle Council has called to remove mandatory hi-vis vests for learner riders in its 10-page submission to the review of Victorian Road Safety (Driver) Regulations. Among many changes to the road rules, the road regs review proposes one demerit point for learner riders who do not wear a “securely fastened” hi-vis vest and …

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Call to double driver phone penalties roundabouts distracted

Call to double driver phone penalties

Penalties for drivers using handheld mobile phones should be doubled to six demerit points, according to the Motorcycle Council of NSW. The MCCNSW has released a mobile phones position statement which calls for a review of the penalties for drivers using mobile phones as well as an awareness campaign about distracted driving. It calls for …

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Charley Boorman congratulates MBW on copping a speed warning! speed fine police demerit

Do double demerit points apply to you?

Double demerit points apply in certain holidays in NSW, the ACT and WA, but do they apply to the licences of riders from other states? Unfortunately the answer is not a simple yes or no. There is no double demerit system in Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, Northern Territory and South Australia. If you are a rider …

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