Queensland Police Cops covert vehicle power fatal utility rammed

Witness sought for fatal motorcycle crash

Queensland Police are seeking the driver of a silver or light blue sedan who may have witnessed a fatal motorcycle crash in Nathan Street, Brighton, Queensland, about 7.45pm on 18 April 2020. The motorcycle hit a power pole and the 49-year-old male rider died at the scene of the crash . His 36-year-old female pillion was …

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Revan dashcam HUD bluetooth unit

Revan camera may replace mirrors

Future motorcycles may not need mirrors with this Revan helmet-mounted live-feed camera that screens images to a head-up display (HUD). Some may find this bulky camera and HUD device as a safety feature that eliminates blind spots while others may view it as a dangerous distraction. The Revan system includes an intercom for VoIP-based group …

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Dashcam 1

New dashcam recorder for motorcycles

More and more dashcam evidence is convicting traffic offenders and protecting vulnerable motorcyclists involved in SMIDSY crashes. Riders have a few options: Riders can wear a helmet camera which even Queensland police recommend and most police use, although Victoria police still believe it is illegal; They can wear an action camera on their body, but …

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