New Year resolutions

10 New Year resolutions we’d like to see

Each New Year we make resolutions to do something new, better or at least different for the next year. This year we thought we would do something different for the new decade and compile a wish list of 10 New Year resolutions we would like others to make. We know most of these are just …

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30km/h speed target in Global Road Safety Week city

City speed limit down to 30km/h

Melbourne plans to drop its CBD speed limit to 30km/h, the lowest of any capital city in Australia, following a Monash University report to council. The new speed limit will replace the 40km/h limit introduced seven years ago between Flinders, Spring, La Trobe and Spencer streets. The university research says the lower speed will protect vulnerable …

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Cyclist identification call rejected

Cyclist identification proposal rejected

A Tasmanian Motorcycle Council proposal for free identification numbers for cyclists over 18 has been rejected. Council president Paul Bullock confirms the Tasmanian Road Safety Advisory Council discussed the TMC’s policy proposal.   Proposal rejected “RSAC did not endorse the proposal,” he says. “Discussions identified that it might be timely to develop a campaign about all …

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Identification bicycle cyclist video

Should cyclists wear identification?

The Tasmanian Motorcycle Council (TMC) has called for free identification numbers, not registration, for cyclists over 18 so their traffic offences can be reported and riders fined. It’s an old complaint about cyclists disobeying road rules and not being fined that surfaces every now and then. Council president Paul Bullock says his call follows “many …

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Red-light traffic light

Call for traffic light activation buttons

Riders whose bikes won’t trigger a change in a traffic light to green would welcome more of these activation buttons that have been installed at some intersections for cyclists. It seems cyclists get everything they want from governments. Even their own roads! In this case, their strong lobbying for these buttons may also help motorcyclists. …

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Dutch Reach could save lives SMIDSY

Could Dutch Reach save motorcyclists?

The Dutch Reach is a simple technique of opening a car door that could save motorcyclists filtering through traffic from being “doored”. It should be mandated in driving tests as it is in Holland where it has been used for 50 years. While the incidence of dooring is more common with cyclists, motorcycle riders also …

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Bosch radar aids all riders

Bosch radar aids all two-wheel riders

German auto electronics company Bosch has developed car sensors that will detect cyclists and will soon also detect motorcyclists who are filtering through the traffic. The sensors were particularly developed to detect cyclists. However, Bosch Australia spokeswoman Brooke Barr says they will soon also detect motorcyclists and scooters in those situations. Bosch’s rear mid-range radar sensors …

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Maritha Keyser Cyclist rule endangers motorcyclists

Cyclist rule endangers motorcyclists

The rule allowing drivers to cross a solid white line to overtake a cyclist is putting the lives of motorcyclists in danger, according to crash victim Maritha Keyser (pictured above) and rider groups. SIGN MARITHA’S PETITION A year ago Maritha was involved in an accident when a vehicle legally crossed a double white line to pass a …

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