Electric motorcycle with world’s first V8 battery

Curtiss Motorcycles unveiled their first electric motorcycle prototype Zeus in May with the world’s first twin motors; now they say their second electric bike will have the world’s first “V8” battery. An image of the stretched-out Hera electric motorcycle was released at Pebble Beach with the company claiming the bike will be available in 2020. …

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Curtiss Zeus Prototype electric motorcycle last

Curtiss launches electric Zeus prototype

American motorcycle company Curtiss Motorcycles is moving quickly from their old-school Confederate Motorcycles past into an electric future with this Zeus prototype. Last year, Alabama motorcycle company Confederate decided to ditch its now-controversial name after race riots in Charlottesville, Virginia, where one person was killed and 26 injured when a car has slammed into a crowd …

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Curtiss Motorcycles Warhawk - Zeus Prototype

Curtiss Motorcycles returns to business

American motorcycle company Curtiss Motorcycle is back in business, replacing Confederate Motorcycles, releasing a new Warhawk model, the last with an internal combustion engine before the company reverts to electric bike production. Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company was formed in 1916 by famous aviator and motorcycle racer Glenn Curtiss. It produced mainly planes until it …

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