Crashes Queensland NSW police crash accidents

Three riders die in three state crashes

Police in NSW, Victoria and Queensland are investigating separate crashes in which three riders died yesterday (20 August 2019). Victorian Police arrested a truck driver after a fatal collision with a motorcycle in Produce Drive, Epping, about 10.45pm. The male rider, who is yet to be formally identified, was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries …

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Slow moving vehicle pull over turnout sign traffic follow

Do motorcycle riders follow too closely?

A new study has found that one of the most common motorcycle crashes is riders running into the rear end of vehicles in front because they follow too closely. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute motorcycle crash study for Motorcycle Safety Foundation chose 100 volunteer riders to carry cameras so they could study their behaviour. They …

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MRAQ president Chris Mearns - learner riders

Education reduces motorcycle crashes

Despite media beat-ups that proclaim a massive surge in motorcycle crashes in Queensland, an education program has been credited with actually reducing the toll. Motorcycle Riders’ Association of Queensland president Chris Mearns says most of the deaths were in a few incidents early in the year which triggered an effective MRAQ rider education campaign. “We …

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Spectacular views on the Queensland approach to the Lions Rd - sturgis

Police target border after crashes

Police will be out in force today (Sunday, July 26) in the Queensland border region after a few nasty motorcycle crashes recently. Here is the police notice of “Rider Survivor operation – Rathdowney”: Logan District Police in conjunction with the Road Policing Command and Department of Transport and Main Roads will join forces this Sunday …

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Could self-cancelling indicators prevent T-bone crashes? Motorcycle crash road safety first aid SMIDSY scientific

Should bikes have auto indicators?

Could self-cancelling indicators save riders from motorists driving right out in front of them, resulting in a T-bone crash? There is no research to back up the claim, except my own experience, a couple of fellow riders’ anecdotes and the suspicions of Dr Ross Blackman, research associate at the Centre for Accident Research & Road …

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road death - Motorcycle crash motorcycle fatalities insurance

Road death statistics show causes

Despite what authorities tell us about riders killing themselves in single-vehicle crashes, Australian road death statistics for the past couple of years prove the opposite. Government statistics show that of the 187 riders and five pillions killed last year, only 40% of crashes were single-vehicle accidents, which is down from 49% the previous year. Most motorcycle …

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