Cause crash US study

SMIDSY biggest cause of motorbike crashes

It is no surprise that the biggest single cause of crashes is the fact that motorists don’t look for riders, according to a US study. The 2017 US Motorcycle Crash Causation Study was only conducted in Orange Country, California. However, the Oklahoma State University study seems to have similar results to other crash studies around the world. …

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Road safety crash accident motorcycle scam

Motorcycle crash statistics scam

Authorities that continue to selectively quote motorcycle crash statistics are perpetrating a scam that endangers vulnerable motorcycle riders. Yes, riders represent a higher proportion of the crash statistics than their number, but the trend for crashes is actually going down. However, police, authorities, road safety Nazis and media are conning us with their myopic view …

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Roadkill fauna crash statistics

Report animals loose on the road

Riders have been encouraged to report animals – livestock and even wildlife – that are roaming loose on the roads as they have the potential to cause a severe motorcycle crash. Riders are advised to contact either the police, road authorities or the local council. The call comes as recent rains have spurred roadside vegetation …

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Road safety crash accident motorcycle focus

Motorcycle safety focus of seminars

Motorcycle safety has been a welcome focus of two recent major Australian forums over the past week. Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) hosted a seminar on road infrastructure issues and motorcycle crashes today (November 1, 2017) and Deakin Uni hosted a symposium on motorcycle safety last Friday (October 27). The ARRB seminar brought together road …

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Melting tar claims first crash victim Mt Glorious weekend severe

Weekend motorbike crashes more severe

Weekend motorcycle crashes are more severe and costly than during the week, according to figures from insurer Youi. Friday is the worst day for all types of motor vehicle crashes.  However, Youi claims data from January 2016 to September 30, 2017, shows motorcyclists are more likely to crash on a weekend. Saturday is the highest-risk …

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texting drivers make riders maddest sentence

Maximum life sentence for killer drivers

Should dangerous drivers who cause death while using their mobile phones or speeding face a life sentence as is now the case in the United Kingdom? The UK maximum sentence is the toughest in the world for at-fault drivers in distracted driving crashes. It is equivalent to the penalty for manslaughter. The previous maximum penalty …

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insurance claim

Claim Mate ‘smooths insurance woes’

Have you ever had trouble making your claim with an insurance company after a motorcycle crash? British company Claim Mate is coming to the rescue with service that “holds your hand” through the whole process, dealing with paperwork, legal issues and ensuring proper repairs. CEO Sam White says the service has been offered for 18 …

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1000km ride home with broken leg ostly

1000km ride home with broken leg

The Sydney rider who crashed in slippery molten tar on shoddy Mt Glorious roadworks on Tuesday rode 1000km home not realising he had broken his leg. Former Kiwi Stephen Thomas, 69, says he has been riding since he was 15 and this was his first motorcycle crash. He also says he saw the advisory 50km/h …

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Melting tar claims first crash victim Mt Glorious costly

Melting tar claims first crash victim

Repairs to shoddy Mt Glorious roadworks have been delayed while Queensland’s Main Roads finds “specialised contractor” after a rider crashed this week in slippery melting tar. The Sydney rider, Stephen Thomas, suffered minor injuries and his Honda was damaged, but he was able to ride home, according to eye witnesses. They say he was lucky …

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Helmet safety motorcycle crash accident ratings

Riders to access gear safety ratings

Motorcyclists will soon know how safe their riding gear is after the launch today of a 12-month pilot program to establish a safety ratings system. The five-star ratings will be available online and will be similar to crash ratings for vehicles and energy efficiency ratings for appliances. Deakin University’s Institute for Frontier Mate has been …

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