BMW Motorrad SOS alert button

Crash alert technology mandated?

Aftermarket automatic SOS emergency alert beacons have been available for some time for riders, but soon they could be mandated on all vehicles. Europe is mandating what they call “eCall” systems in all new model cars from April this year. This follows the recent mandate for ABS and/or combined brakes on motorcycles in Europe and …

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Roundabouts road safety

Roundabouts a major rider danger

Roundabouts are just as dangerous for riders as intersections says Austroads which has called for riders to be considered a priority in “Safe System” design. Their aptly named report, “Understanding and Improving Safe System Intersection Performance” says intersections account for 30% of all vehicle crash injuries, but a massive 47% for motorcyclists. It confirms the …

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volunteers Cheri and Greg Nunn

Volunteers flood biker recovery service

More than 300 volunteers have signed up to Bikers 4 Bikers Down, a service that helps riders recovering from a serious motorcycle crash. Hawkebsury couple Cheri and Greg Nunn (pictured above) started up the free service in May 2017 after suffering a motorcycle crash on Anzac Day 2016 with ongoing rehabilitation. Cheri passed on her …

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crash road toll accident motorcycle

Riders targeted in road toll debate

Despite the motorcyclist road toll decreasing more than any other group in Australia, police and media are targeting the few dangerously high speeds of some stupid riders. The annual road toll debate has again fired up after a very bad holiday season shattered near-historic road toll lows. According to official data, up to the end …

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Lane filtering lane splitting America blame

Police blame rider in autonomous car crash

Blame for an autonomous car crashing into a motorcycle has been placed on the lane-splitting rider, despite the fact that it is legal in California. It’s not the first crash involving an autonomous vehicle and not the first where a motorcycle was not detected by autonomous vehicle sensors. It also comes as a US panel …

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Distressed clothing has a high cost

Fashion shows true cost of crashing

A British road safety campaign highlights how fashionable “distressed” clothing may look good, but has a high cost in motorcycle crashes. The campaign by the Government-run Highways England, which manages UK main roads, features young shoppers admiring “distressed” clothing. Instead of the labels showing a monetary price, they show the true cost in terms of …

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MCCNSW Steve Pearce submission to Ombudsman over Oxley highway speed

Ombudsman plea over Oxley Highway speed

A plea has been sent to NSW Ombudsman Michael Barnes to halt the speed reductions on the Oxley Highway because of deceptive crash statistics. Motorcycle Council of NSW (MCCNSW) secretary Steve Pearce says the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) used inaccurate crash data to justify the speed change from 100km/h to 80km/h on 44km of the …

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Lionel Cook crashes in unsigned roadworks

Rider crashes in unsigned patch roadworks

Hervey Bay rider Lionel Cook says there were no roadworks warning signs visible when he crashed on patch repairs that left gravel across the road. While major roadworks often have warning signs for several days after roadworks are completed, “low-impact” patch roadworks on rural roads only have signage while the work is in progress. So, …

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First Aid for Motorcyclists organisers Roger Fance Tracy Hughes

First Aid for Motorcyclists seeks new owner

First Aid for Motorcyclists founders Tracy Hughes and Roger Fance are leaving the business and looking for someone willing to pick up the reins. Roger says Tracy has unfortunately developed a “serious health issue” this year and undergone extensive treatment. “This will continue into 2018 and so we have made the difficult decision to put …

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Ride the night away moon

Full moon ‘affects motorcycle rider safety’

Fatal motorcycle crashes increase 5% during a full moon and 32% during the annual supermoon, according to research published today (December 11, 2017) in the British Medical Journal. Riders should be particularly wary in 2018 as there will be two super moons: on January 2 and another just a few weeks later on January 31. …

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