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Animal strikes are ‘vital’ crash statistics

Motorcycles hitting kangaroos and other native fauna and livestock should be noted as a separate crash cause in road toll statistics, according to a motorcycle campaigner. Independent Riders’ Group spokesman Damien Codognotto points out that “animal strikes”  are “seriously under-reported road hazards”. “Last week a couple died hitting a tree after avoiding a kangaroo,” he …

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How to avoid motorcycle rear-enders

Rear-enders like the one in the video below, are the most common form of accident for motorcycles, but there are things you can do to prevent them including lane filtering where it’s legal. This Seattle rider was not allowed to lane filter, but there are still things he could have done to avoid the crash. Yes, …

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Open-face or full-face helmet?

It’s one of the age-old questions of motorcycling: open-face or full-face helmet? For open-face “brain-bucket” proponents, it’s a matter of fashion, choice and freedom. There is also a look-at-me factor and, for some, the ability to smoke! For full-face helmet wearers, it’s also about fashion, but mainly safety. They also like the anonymity a full;-face …

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