Everest Kaiyue 400X knockoff

Chinese BMW adventure bike knockoff

This BMW G 310 GS knockoff is the latest in a long line of Chinese products that rip off the design and logos of existing motorcycles. In the past we have seen Chinese electric versions of the Honda Goldwing, China’s CFMoto 650TK which is very similar to Honda’s ST1300 and a Chinese brand called “Hongda” that …

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Lambretta V-Special "Vendetta"

Lambretta plans Vendetta on copycats

Lambretta is celebrating its 70th anniversary with a revamped range, including an electric scooter, and a vendetta on copycat Asian models. The iconic Italian scooter company says the global market is flooded with replicas of classic Lambrettas from China, India and Thailand. Mother company Innocenti SA, of Lugano, has announced it will take a strict stance …

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Chinese Goldwing copycat

Chinese copycats produce electric Goldwing

The Chinese seem immune to international trade laws that bind other countries and their latest blatant ripoff is an electric Honda Goldwing. We all know the Chinese make cheap copies of well-known brands and many of us probably have a Gucci belt made of plastic in a sweatshop in China. However, the Chinese have also …

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