Rider awarded $A31.5m in crash payout

A Californian rider has been awarded a $US21.5m (about $A31.5m) payout for injuries suffered when a Kia Optima illegally left the carpool lane and jettisoned his bike across three lanes into a truck. The fiery crash in February 2018 left rider Matthew Rada with “catastrophic” injuries that ended his career as a graphic artist. GoPro video …

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What to do if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident crash compensation

Obtaining proper compensation after a crash

(Contributed post: Making sure you are properly compensated for motorcycle accident injuries) Sadly, accidents are something that a lot of motorbike riders experience. There is no doubt that you are more vulnerable than a car driver is. Figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) demonstrate this. In the USA, 13 car drivers die …

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Crash - look for bikes payout

World’s ‘biggest’ motorcycle crash payout

A North Carolina Harley rider has been awarded $US4m (almost $A6m) after a crash with a driver who failed to yield right-of-way in what is believed to be the world’s biggest motorcycle crash payout. The 29-year-old rider was travelling about 15mph (about 24km/h) when he was struck by a vehicle that accelerated away from a …

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'Dodgy' parking bays still not fixed Tony Gallagher

‘Dodgy’ parking bays still not fixed

A council’s failure to fix thin bitumen in parking bays that caused a parked motorcycle to fall over could cost them if other bikes suffer the same fate. Toowoomba tiding trainer Tony Gallagher says although council has dodged paying him compensation, they are now aware of the problem and may not be able to dodge other similar …

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crash Accident motorcycle road safety approved ratings killer wearing compensation

Crashed riders miss out on compensation

Riders injured in single-vehicle, no-fault crashes may be failing to make compensation claims for fear of facing negligent riding charges, Motorcycle Council of NSW Chairman Steve Pearce says. NSW has moved to a no-fault system for CTP compensation which was expected to lead to an increase in compensation claims. However, the State Insurance Regulatory Authority …

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Carrie at the scene of the crash

Compo for bike crash on farm mud

A young British woman who fell from her motorcycle after a farmer left mud on the road has been awarded £10,000 ($A21460) compensation for the crash and her injuries. Malcolm Cummings, principal of Australian motorcycle advocates, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, says there is a lesson in the British case for all road users that the road must …

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