Camping tent coffee, Jason Barton

Getting a cup of coffee in the outback

Getting a good coffee is one of the joys on the road for a rider, writes Jason Barton* and an outback coffee can be a very rare luxury, indeed! Jason’s touring luxuries Along with carrying tins of tuna flavoured with cracked black pepper and lemon, one of my simple luxuries on long-distance motorcycle journeys is …

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Cafe Fahrtwind

What makes a good motorcycle cafe?

What are the criteria for a good motorcycle cafe and which is your favourite? There are thousands of cafes around the world that dedicate themselves to motorcycle riders and the most famous would be the Ace Cafe in North London. Yet, despite its rich history, the cafe is a bit of a letdown. It’s on …

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Coffee ring stain motorcycle engine - mechanical sympathy

Coffee stains turn into motorcycles

Next time you leave coffee rings on the table at your favourite cafe, get your pen out and turn it into a motorcycle. Californian artist and illustrator Carter Asmann has done just that with these great images of coffee-ring motorcycles which he shares on his Instagram account. Most of his drawings are of motorcycles because …

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