Sally Kuether

Injustices turn voters against VLAD Act

The tide is turning against the VLAD Act in the wake of recent events such as the six-day jailing of a woman for having a beer with “bikies” while two police officers were granted immediate bail over rape charges. Is it any wonder the Queensland Government now finds its majority waning and that it could …

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2013 in review, part 1: VLAD Act dominates motorcycling

We witnessed big changes in motorcycling worldwide in 2013. There were several steps forward for motorcycling, but one big major step backward, thanks to the Queensland Government’s draconian anti-association laws and “war” on bikies. While the worldwide motorcycle market was slightly depressed in 2013 and slightly up in Australia, the Orwellian-sounding Vicious Lawless Associations Disestablishment …

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Motorcycle freedom petition – 1000

The so-called “motorcycle freedom” petition has clicked over 1000 signatures since it was posted on eight hours ago. Congratulations to all those who have so far signed. Please pass it on to all your friends and associates who value their freedom to associate with whomever they want and to ride motorcycles. Click here to …

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