CFmoto factory coronavirus

Coronavirus no setback to CFMoto future

The coronavirus scare has forced Honda and CFMoto Chinese factories to extend their lunar new year production closures by about a week. Honda’s factory mainly produces models for the domestic market while the CFMoto factory in Hangzhou makes their bikes for the world market and KTMs for China. Australian CFMoto importer Mojo Motorcycles says the CFMoto …

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KTM plans 10 new models in 2020

Leaked documents show KTM plans to introduce 10 new models with engines ranging from 125cc to 890cc and an extra electric, according to VisorDown. The image from KTM’s 2020 model plans shows upcoming models as blurred bikes, including the new electric Freeride E AM trials bike. In the 125, 250 and 390 range there is …

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CFMoto 650GT

CFMoto 650GT ‘worth the extra dollars’

Motorcycle industry stalwart Dale Schmidtchen has been reviewing the CFMoto 650MT for some time now, but recently switched to the road touring 650GT version. While the CFMoto 650 MT ABS costs $7490 ride away, the 650GT is an extra $1000. Both are learner-approved, but would also suit mature riders. Dale says the GT is a “great bike” with …

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CFMoto 700CL-X Sport

CFMoto launches sexy new 700CL-X

CFMoto celebrated its 30th anniversary in Milan last night (4 November 2019) by announcing the introduction of the sexy new 700CL-X. Australian director Michael Poynton says it will arrive in late 2020. “They will be offering this new model as three different variants – Sports, Heritage, Adventure,” he says. Sports has bar-end mirrors, lower bars, …

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CFMoto 300NK

Is this cheap CFMoto 300NK a good deal?

The CFMoto 300NK is the cheapest 300cc learner bike in Australia at just $4990 ride away, but how does it indeed “ride away”? We tested the bike and found it a willing partner around town and even out on the highway. The CFMoto 300NK is powered by a new 300cc water-cooled, single-single engine with 25kW …

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Shinko tyres CFMoto

Shinko 705 Adventure Touring Tyres tested

Shinko tyres review by tyre expert Dale Schmidtchen The standard tyres on our long-term review CFMoto 650 MT have been my only real complaint about the hardy bike which is now coming up to 4000km. It came fitted with Chinese-made Cheng Shin Tire (CST) Adreno radials which worked well on dry sealed roads, but were …

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CFMoto 650MT update

CFMoto 650MT 2500km update

Motorcycle industry stalwart Dale Schmidtchen has now been in the saddle of his 2019 CFMoto 650 MT ABS for 2500km, so it’s time for an update. Dale, who has previously worked for CFMoto, gave his initial impressions in his review last month. Dale‘s update: First service came up at a pleasing 1500km, not 1000km or even 800km …

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CFMoto 650 MT

CFMoto 650 MT ABS initial review

When motorcycle industry stalwart Dale Schmidtchen needed an attractive, utilitarian motorcycle at a good price, his research led him to the CFMoto 650 MT ABS. Dale, who has previously worked for CFMoto, says he needed a bike capable of many types of riding. “I had set a budget of under 10k,” he says. Bargain bike …

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