What jeans have most protection

Which motorcycle jeans have most protection?

A war of words has broken out between Australia motorcycle clothing companies Draggin Jeans and Saint over which motorcycle jeans offer the best protection. A Draggin Jeans spokesman contacted us a coupe of weeks ago saying they would issue a press release debunking protection claims by Saint. The promised release was delayed several times, but …

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Pakistani leather jacket

Beware Pakistan leather gear

There is hardly a day goes by where Motorbike Writer’s email inbox isn’t bombarded by spam, mainly from Pakistan leather motorcycle gear manufacturers. They offer ridiculously cheap prices and say their gear is the equivalent of top-quality products. I usually ignore them and send them to the waste bin. However, when one of them offered …

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Ixon Spencer HP jeans

Protective rider gear more confusing

The protection standards of motorcycle clothing are becoming more confusing as changes to Europe’s CE Approval system begin to flow through to Australia. In May, Draggin CEO and founder Grant Mackintosh said that until Australia introduced a five-star rating system for motorcycle protective clothing in the next couple of years, labelling would remain confusing to riders who will have …

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