Yamaha FJR damage alert

Yamaha carbon frame has damage alert

Yamaha has applied for a patent on a carbon fibre frame that changes colours like a bruise when it has been damaged to alert the rider of a potential fault. You would think a rider would know when their bike has been damaged in a crash! After all, with metal frames you can see bends …

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2017 BMW HP4 Race BMW releases elite HP4 Race details carbon swingarm

BMW wins award for carbon fibre swingarm

Carbon fibre motorcycle parts have taken a step closer to mass production with BMW Motorrad winning a JEC Innovation Award for the development and manufacture of a carbon fibre swingarm for its 2017 HP4 RACE. The swingarm was made in a cost-effective mass-production technique using welding robots. The process is expected to lead to more lightweight …

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Blackstone TEK Carbon Fibre Rapid TEK wheels

Rapid TEK carbon fibre wheel

South African carbon fibre manufacturing company Blackstone TEK has added a beautiful five-split-spoke wheel to its line-up that can be swapped between bikes. The Rapid TEK features an interchangeable high-pressure-forged carbon hub. That allows you to quickly swap it between up to 30 Japanese and European sports models. If you want to make one modification to …

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Ducati GT1000 carbon wheels farkle project tall used

Do carbon wheels match hype?

There is a lot of hype about carbon wheels improving handling and braking, but do they really live up to that hype? I’ve ridden many bikes with carbon wheels, but never been able to compare them back-to-back to a bike with heavier standard wheels. Until now. South African carbon manufacturer Blackstone TEK supplied a set …

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