Camping tent coffee Jason Barton

The power of the tent on a motorcycle trip

Stopping and setting up camp seems contradictory for someone riding around Australia, but Jason Barton* says stopping and setting up a tent can be one of the greatest pleasures travel provides. Jason’s story This is especially true when motorcycling which, in a way, may actually seem to be contradictory. Riding is often about embracing the …

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Dukes Road Old School Bikers Social Club Peter-John Raft

Dukes Road clubhouse open to all riders

The unique Dukes Road Old School Bikers Social Club has established a clubhouse in a rural setting to provide riders with free camping and facilities for meetings and social occasions. It is based on Dukes Rd, Cooyar, on the Darling Downs about 90km north of Toowoomba on a 40-hectare (100 acres) property. Spokesman Peter-John Raft says the private …

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Camping tent motorcycles

Planning a motorcycle camping trip

Motorcycle riding and camping are the favourites of many when it comes to experiencing nature. For those who want to get away for a few days, feel the air race past them, and sleep under the stars, motorcycle camping is your answer. This style of camping is minimalistic, so you’ll save money on hotels in …

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BivyPack backpack converts into tent

Backpack converts into tent

Adventure motorcycle riders who travel light may be interested in this lightweight backpack that converts into a tent in seconds. The 450g BivyPack was conceived by Kenny Flannery who is now trying to raise about $13,000 with a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign and has reached half the funds at the half way point. It is small …

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Second-day blues alcohol motorcycle travel

Do you suffer second-day riding blues?

Do you play up on the first day and night of a long motorcycle trip and then suffer the second-day blues with a headache and muscular aches and pains? The first day of a long ride is easy because you are fired up, excited and fresh from sleeping in your own bed the night before. …

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ScarabRV motorcycle camper trailer camping

Motorcycle weekend camping guide

Heading out on the open road for a motorbiking road trip and camping weekend? There is nothing better than this and these trips always generate plenty of great stories to share once you return home. One key aspect to consider before setting off is your camping situation, as this will determine just how enjoyable the …

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mobed-motorcycle-tent.jpg camping alaska

Mobed keeps riders and bike safe

This Mobed motorcycle tent promises to keep you safe from the wet, plus snakes, bugs and even crocodiles while also safeguarding your bike from theft? The German company has not yet listed a price yet for the Mobed, nor do they have it in production, but you can send them an email and declare your interest. So far …

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Burnie campfire

Portable campfire great for overnight rides You never need worry about finding logs for a campfire at the end of a day’s ride again. Now you can take your log fire with you! The Burnie Grill campfire is a portable self-contained, wood fire that weighs only 2.5kg for a 2.5-hour burn, or 1.3kg for a 1.5-hour burn. That’s not too …

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Braven Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speaker for motorcycle adventures

It’s great to get away from it all on a motorcycle adventure, camping in the bush and roughing it. But it’s also nice to take along some of the comforts of home – like a portable sound system to liven up your campfire. There are many battery-powered Bluetooth speakers systems available that will play music …

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