Lane filtering lane splitting

Is Californian lane splitting safe?

California is the first US state to allow lane splitting, with riders possibly allowed to split lanes at up to 50mph (80km/h) but no faster than 15mph (24km/h) more than surrounding traffic. Over the past two years, the three eastern states of Australia have introduced lane filtering between stationary or slow-moving traffic and the ACT is running …

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US moving toward liberal motorbike helmet laws

The US seems to be gradually moving toward more liberal motorbike helmet laws allowing adult riders to choose for themselves whether they wear a helmet or not. It seems strange to Australian riders since we were the first nation in the world to make helmets compulsory in 1961. Most states in the US introduced compulsory helmet laws …

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Bikers rally in California against profiling

Social profiling of riders goes global

Australia isn’t the only country that is vilifying riders with (or without)  anti-association and consorting laws. Californian police have been profiling riders by stopping, searching and detaining riders without any legal basis. Now a petition has been launched to support anti-profiling laws in California and rider Tabitha Montalvo has asked MotorbikeWriter to share the petition …

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Low-cost cross-America ride

It’s not only birds that migrate south for the winter. In the US, bikes head to Florida, which means that at the end of winter, there is a hoist of hired bikes that have to be transported back to California for the start of their summer rental season. And that has created a discount travel …

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Lane-splitting supported

It’s about time we had a mature debate in Australia about lane-splitting and filtering. It’s legal in places like California and encouraged in England to free up traffic. Why are Australian authorities so much against it? Are they just jealous that motorcyclists don’t have to be caught in traffic jams? And why are we only …

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California Custom Grigio Mercurio

Moto Guzzi California review

This stunning Italian beauty not only has looks, but also the personality to win the hearts of many riders. Moto Guzzi has been making California cruisers since the LAPD bought it back in the 1970s and turned it into an icon. CHECK OUT THE PIX The classic styling hasn’t changed much, but thanks to ownership …

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