lane splitting lane filtering laws

Varied lane filtering laws explained

Lane filtering laws now extend to four states and one territory in Australia and lane splitting in California in the US, but more states may be coming on board and the laws vary. It makes it difficult for nomadic riders to avoid offending if the laws vary slightly in each state. While we welcome lane …

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Dax Shepard as Jon Baker in Chips remake - Matrvel

CHiPs remade for the big screen

The hit Seventies TV series, CHiPs is back on the big screen as a comedy, with a motorcycle racer as lead actor and with BMWs instead of Yamahas. In the original TV series from 1977 to 1983, California Highway Patrol (CHiPs) officers Jon Baker and Frank ‘Ponch’ Poncherello, played by Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox, …

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Stunt rider

Stunt riders shoo off bike cop

(UPDATED NOVEMBER 2) Professional stunt rider Guruardas Singh Khalsa, 32, has been charged after performing high-speed wheelies on a California highway and then “shooing off” a CHiPs bike officer. The rider was caught because they posted video of the incident on YouTube and social media. The video was included in the original story here, but it has …

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