Bus lane in use in London lane filtering happiest commuters A British survey has found that riding a motorcycle makes you safer on a bicycle and vice versa, while other surveys show riders are the safest motorists. kerb motorists

Should motorcycles use bus lanes?

City traffic flows more smoothly and safety is not jeopardised when motorcycle and scooter riders are allowed to ride in bus lanes. That’s not just our opinion, it’s the opinion of leaders in many major cities around the world. In London, riders have been allowed to use bus lanes since 2010 without any adverse affects, …

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Bike lanes lane filtering ride to work tax congestion

Motorcycles should use bike lanes

Motorcycles should be allowed to share bike lanes under certain conditions, according to national rider groups. They are calling for the bike-lane plan to be included in the lane-filtering laws being introduced in Victoria from September 1. VicRoads Director of Vehicle and Road Use Policy spokesman James Holgate has confirmed they are considering the proposal after …

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