Police seek riders in stunt groups peer

Police seek riders in stunt groups

Riders could face prosecution for riding in groups where riders block public roads to allow others to perform a wheelie, burnout or other stunt. This follows several incidents in the USA and the most recent police chopper video from Toronto where police have threatened to fine any rider who was involved in the groups, whether …

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MBW does a wheelie in a private carpark Triumph Street Triple

Wheelie and lose wheel, licence or bike

What’s the worst thing that could happen if you pop a wheelie? You could lose the front wheel like this unfortunate guy, or you could lose your licence and your motorcycle. The video above shows a rider doing some competent stunts in the safety of what looks like a carpark. Apart from the lack of bike maintenance and …

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Philippines clinches Guinness World Records for burnout

Guinness World Record for burnouts

Motorcycles have been making and breaking Guinness World Records for more than a century and the latest is for the biggest simultaneous motorcycle burnout. The record was set by 300 people on Saturday, April 11, 2015, in Tagaytay City, Philippines. It smokes the previous record of 213 bikes by Harleystunts and Smokey Mountain Harley-Davidson in …

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Wheelie & lose your bike

Spring could be a crushing time for some riders in the Sunshine State. 
Pop a wheelie or do a burnout in Queensland and your bike could be confiscated for 90 days – the toughest anti-hoon penalty in Oz. Do it again in the next five years and your bike could be sold or crushed. No …

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