Tools care maintenance online course repairs Common reasons for roadworthy failures

Common reasons for bike roadworthy failures

You can avoid failing your motorcycle roadworthy if you pay attention to some of the most common failures. Riders in Australia have varied conditions for roadworthies. In Queensland, you only need one when you sell your vehicle. In some other states you need regular roadworthy certificates that depend on the age of your bike. The …

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Indian Scout Bobber roadside chloe

Riders offered roadside assist discount

Riders all around Australia are being offered discounted national roadside assistance coverage thanks to the collaboration of the Motorcycle Council of NSW and Australian 24/7 Roadside Services. The service is labelled Motorcycle Assist Australia, providing two levels of cover, a premium service for $99/year, normally $150, and a special basic $49 service. Standard Assist $49/year …

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Triumph Scrambler out of fuel breakdown

How to avoid a motorbike breakdown

While modern motorcycles are much more reliable than they used to be, you can still be inconvenienced by a breakdown. And when you have a motorcycle breakdown, it is not always easy to get back on the road. In a car, you can carry emergency gear that can get you going again. However, not all …

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