Passing lanes gap look

Are you leaving enough gap in front?

Many riders are taught to leave a two or three-second gap between their bike and the vehicle they are a following as a safety buffer. But is it really enough? Is there such a thing as leaving too much space? How to judge gap We are taught to use a visible roadside reference to determine our …

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Brembo PR16 master cylinder safety recalls fault brembo recall cheap piaggio

Brembo recall puts brakes on bikes

A fault in a Brembo master brake cylinder could affect a number of European motorcycle brands’ though official recalls are so far confined to the USA. The only bikes affected are Aprilia and Ducati fitted with a PR16 radial master cylinder unit which is usually paired with Brembo M50 calipers. Other bikes from Triumph and …

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Marty Thompson shows his style drone drones

Top tips for braking in corners

Brakes have come a long way from when I first started riding with many new bikes now fitted with sophisticated anti-lock braking systems. But even the most sophisticated modern anti-lock braking systems are not fool proof. Most riders were either taught or learned that the majority of braking is from using the front brake. Some …

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ABS brakes autonomous

UN calls for safer motorcycle brakes

The United Nations #STOPTHECRASH campaign joins a growing call for ABS on motorcycles as well as autonomous emergency braking that activates at slow speeds if an obstacle is sensed in front of the bike. The latest World Health Organisation Global Status Report on Road Safety, called #STOPTHECRASH is campaigning for the widest availability of life-saving …

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BMW dynamic brake light

BMW adds dynamic brake light

BMW Motorrad has developed a “dynamic brake light” that flashes and even includes the hazard lights to warn drivers of a panic stop. The dynamic brake light is similar to those offered on many cars and works in two stages. Stage one activates when the motorcycle decelerates from speeds above 50km/h. In this case the …

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