Craig Lowndes races Casey Stoner brake

Do motorcycles brake better than cars?

There has always been conjecture about whether a motorcycle can brake in a shorter distance than a car. Many experienced riders believe they can stop faster than a car which is probably why they tailgate cars. Meanwhile, rider trainers warn their students to keep a safe following distance because a car can stop faster. So …

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Suzuki sued over GSX-R1000 crash incentive

Suzuki recall over brake rust

Suzuki has issued a worldwide voluntarily recall of its sportsbikes over concerns about brake rust. Bikes affected are the GSX-R600, GSX-R750 and GSX-R1000. Suzuki Motor Corporation have advised that moisture may be absorbed in the brake fluid after long-term use which could cause rust between the brake piston and return spring inside the piston. If …

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How to ride your motorcycle slowly

Not everyone can ride fast, but equally not everyone can ride slowly. Have you ever witnessed riders wobbling all over the place at slow speeds, or paddling their feet while trying to negotiate a carpark? It actually takes a bit of talent and training to ride slowly and it’s something that the police learn, not …

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