Bosch rider aids blind spot warning sensors automated radar radar

Bosch jet thrusters prevent motorcycle slides

Rocket-style thrusters that blast a jet of air out the side of your motorcycle could be used to prevent low-side slides, says German tech company Bosch. The company is now testing the gas-powered anti-slide system. No it’s not April 1. Bosch sees a future for safe motorcycles with intervention aids that have been standard in …

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Autotalk V2M vehicle-to-motorcycle communication technology Bosch autonomous uniform

Uniform technology boost for motorcycle safety

A company that has developed vehicle-to-motorcycle (V2M) technology will join the Connected Motorcycle Consortium to develop an industry-wide uniform motorcycle platform for V2M communication. The Autotalk V2M system, launched in June 2017, detects motorcycles not visible to the human eye, cameras or other sensors and alerts riders and drivers to life-threatening situations such as imminent …

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Front and rear radar coming to Ducati Multistrada warn

Ducati radar to warn riders by 2020

Ducati has announced that by 2020 it will add front and rear radar sensors to its motorcycles to warn riders of dangers. They are called blind spot warning and adaptive cruise control in cars where they have been used extensively for years. However, Ducati calls their technology ARAS (Advanced Rider Assistance Systems). The systems include …

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Bosch radar aids all riders

Bosch radar aids all two-wheel riders

German auto electronics company Bosch has developed car sensors that will detect cyclists and will soon also detect motorcyclists who are filtering through the traffic. The sensors were particularly developed to detect cyclists. However, Bosch Australia spokeswoman Brooke Barr says they will soon also detect motorcyclists and scooters in those situations. Bosch’s rear mid-range radar sensors …

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BMW Vision Next 100 driverless automated self-driving artificial intelligence tests autonomous kill

Riders ignored by autonomous tests

Australian governments have issued guidelines for trials of autonomous vehicles on our roads but made no mention of motorcycles. The 24-page Austroads and National Transport Commission report does not mention motorcycles once, although bicycles are mentioned. Austroads boss Nick Koukoulas says the guidelines draw on international best practice and have a strong focus on safety. …

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Bosch radar warns riders of traffic autonomous

Bosch radar warns riders of traffic

South Australian company Cohda Wireless has partnered with Ducati and Bosch to develop radar technology that warns riders of nearby traffic before they can see it. The technology uses public WLAN standard (ITS G5) and was initially developed for use in driverless cars. Cohda Wireless technology has been trialled on the closed Southern Expressway on …

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Kawasaki Versys-X 300 with Bosch 10 ABS unit confirms

Kawasaki first with lightest ABS unit

The Kawasaki Versys-X 300 (pictured above) will be the first production motorcycle to use the new Bosch 10 ABS unit which is their smallest, lightest and most effective yet. It will be followed by the 2018 Suzuki GSX-S125 ABS. Kawasaki Motors Australia has not yet confirmed whether we will be getting the new small-bore adventure bike. The …

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BMW Motorrad creating digital riders information apps friends distracted passion

BMW Motorrad creating digital riders

BMW Motorrad riders may soon be able to use their smartphone with their instruments and helmet, automatically call for help in a crash, while plotting and sharing their routes. The Bavarian company has used the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan to launch their Concept ConnectedRide as “the next advancement in motorcycle connectivity for increased safety and …

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Bosch hill hold and blind spot alert study mandatory

Irresponsible advice on motorcycle ABS

A VicRoads brochure has given the wrong impression of ABS (anti-lock brake systems) and even offered advice that riders fit an aftermarket system. The comments have been considered irresponsible and dangerous by university safety researcher Ross Blackman. UPDATE: VicRoads has now replied to all the concerns mentioned in this article. Scan down to ‘VICROADS REPLIES’ for …

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