Ron Davis Shiny Side Up author

Book review: Shiny Side Up

If you’re looking for a light read about motorcycles, the riding lifestyle and growing old gracefully, check out Shiny Side Up by BMW fan Ron Davis. The book consists of extracts from the Wisconsin rider’s columns, features and stories published in various magazines, mainly BMW Owners News. Hence the book’s subtitle: Musings on the Improbable …

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Linda Norman Road Trips in USA book

Aussie guide to road trips in the USA

Aussie rider Linda Norman has published a US road trips guide for other Australian riders after spending several years touring the country with her husband, Barry. Aussies Guide to Roadtripping America isn’t a recap of their trips but a valuable guide to help other Aussie riders plan their journey, Linda says. “Hopefully it will save …

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Harley build is a true love story

Harley affair is a real-life true love story

If you are interested in reading a true love story with motorcycles as a central theme, check out Mary Jane Black’s debut memoir, “She Rode a Harley”. The 256-page book is a tale of abuse, true love and loss. It is published by She Writes Press and goes on sale in October 2019. You can …

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heather ellis Timeless On The Silk Road: An Odyssey From London to Hanoi.

Heather Ellis releases second book

Victorian rider Heather Ellis has released her second book, Timeless On The Silk Road: An Odyssey From London to Hanoi. It follows her first book, Ubuntu: One Woman’s Motorcycle Odyssey Across Africa, in which Heather documents her solo ride on a Yamaha TT600 through Africa in 1993-94 at the age 28. Over 15 months, Heather travelled 42,000km through 19 countries. …

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Victory Motorcycles marks history with book

Axed Victory brand marks history

A year after Polaris surprisingly axed Victory Motorcycles, the company is celebrating the American brand with a book of its short 20-year history. The 192-page tome is called “Victory Motorcycles 1998–2017; The Complete History of an American Original”. Original it may have been, but it wasn’t original enough for the buyers and was unceremoniously axed …

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Book Why WE Ride author Mark H. Barnes

Book explains why we ride

If you ever needed any motivation to ride or reasons to counter critics who say you have a death wish, this book on why we ride is a must. We all recognise that we love riding and can come up with several things we love about it, but do we really know the deep psychological …

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Ubuntu: One Woman's Motorcycle Odyssey Across Africa by Heather Ellis epic

One woman’s epic African motorcycle journey

While riding through Africa these days can be difficult enough, imagine how epic it would have been a quarter of a century ago for a solo female rider! That’s what Victorian Heather Ellis did in 1993-94 and now she’s documented the epic travelogue in a book titled Ubuntu: One Woman’s Motorcycle Odyssey Across Africa published by Nero/Black Inc. …

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