Wunderlich windscreen visor

Wunderlich screen extension review

I’ve never been a big fan of windscreens, but the Wunderlich windscreen extension has allayed most of my concerns. Mostly windscreen just introduce annoying buffeting and a loss of that sense of freedom. Behind some big touring screens it’s almost being in a car, only without a wiper blade to clear the rain. Despite some modern …

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Triumph slashes prices

The latest salvo in the price war between BMW and Triumph over adventure bikes has been fired by the Brits. When Triumph launched its 1200 Explorer against the venerable BMW R 1200 GS, the Germans dropped their prices and added some extras at no cost. Triumph struck back with free luggage. Then BMW brought in …

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KTM 690 Adventure?

Who would like to buy a new KTM 640 Adventure? Yeah, me too. But you can’t. It seems like this midweight adventure touring bike was built with Australia in mind with its robust chassis able to carry plenty of gear, suspension capable of tackling just about anything, and enough comfort and range to travel long …

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