Sena 50r 50 series bluetooth

Sena 50R intercom raises sound bar

The biggest problem with many Bluetooth helmet intercoms is the poor quality of sound, but the new Sena 50R and 50S raise the bar on sound quality to a new level. I’ve reviewed many intercom systems over the years and my go-to unit has been the Sena 20S for reliability and quality. But my new …

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Talk 'N Shoot action camera app and Bluetooth headset tech regulations

Should new helmet regulations cause concern?

Proposed helmet accessories testing regulations have concerned riders that aftermarket externally fitted Bluetooth intercoms and cameras may be banned. However, one helmet expert says there is no cause for concern! The proposed changes are part of the upgrade to United Nations Economic Commission for Europe 22.05 standard which has been accepted for use in Australia …

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Enjoy music while you ride

Improve sound of your helmet Bluetooth system

I’ve reviewed many Bluetooth systems and the biggest failing is the sound quality from the tiny seekers that come with them. Now you can upgrade your speakers for under $30, improve the sound and reduce distortion. Finn Moto has auxiliary speakers which work with the R3 and R4 Bluetooth systems they sell and will fit …

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