Fashion police alive in Queensland

The fashion police will be out in force in Queensland where “bikie colours” will be banned in public because they create fear; although there may be a loophole. The controversial ban is one of many proposals under the Queensland Labor Government’s long-awaited review of the controversial VLAD laws. While there is a little relief for some motorcycle riders …

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Riders protest the laws at the January 26 rally in Roma St

VLAD laws axed but replacement is vague

The VLAD and associated so-called “anti-bikie” laws rushed in by the Newman Government in 2013 will be axed by the Labor Government, but details on their replacement are still vague. The Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission 400-odd-page report on the laws basically says they were badly written, an affront to civil liberties and would never …

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VLAD harassment axed

VLAD ‘farce’ leaves $2500 legal debt

A Brisbane rider who claims to have been harassed multiple times by police during the height of the Queensland anti-bikie crackdown has had police obstruction and assault charges suddenly dropped leaving a $2500 legal debt. Jamie Evans, 46, rose to notoriety after one of his confrontations with police was filmed and posted on YouTube, attracting …

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NIfty and other BACA members

Waco impacts on Bikers Against Child Abuse

The Waco bikie shootout with police in which nine bikies were killed could have unfortunate repercussions on the good works done by an international group of bikers against child abuse. Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) Australian and Queensland president “Nifty” says media coverage of the shootout “affects everyone on a motorcycle wearing a set of leathers”. …

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Freedom Ride protest in Canberra

Freedom Riders deliver protest

Riders from all states and as far as North Queensland and Broome in Western Australia rode to Canberra to attend the Last Stand Freedom Ride yesterday (December 1) protesting against various state anti-association and consorting laws. Organiser Dale Maggs says although only 1000 riders attended, it was “quite a remarkable event” with some riders travelling more than 4500km …

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Taser holstered in police ‘harassment’ case

Claims that police had a taser ready to use on a biker at a service station have proved false. The claims came after the release of a YouTube video of the protracted questioning of Fat Boy rider Jamie Evans. The video has since been viewed more than half a million times and there is no …

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Anti-VLAD motorcycle t-shirt a top seller

A t-shirt that says “Get stuffed Newman” is the top seller at the Biker Life store on the Sunshine Coast. Owner Mal McLaren says the $30 t-shirt has been a huge hit, even though he doesn’t believe riders are being hassled as much as some people claim on Facebook. “We found trade dropped off after …

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2013 in review, part 1: VLAD Act dominates motorcycling

We witnessed big changes in motorcycling worldwide in 2013. There were several steps forward for motorcycling, but one big major step backward, thanks to the Queensland Government’s draconian anti-association laws and “war” on bikies. While the worldwide motorcycle market was slightly depressed in 2013 and slightly up in Australia, the Orwellian-sounding Vicious Lawless Associations Disestablishment …

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Motorcycle riders return to the roads after anti-bikie war

Riders are starting to return to regional Queensland tourist spots and cafés. Rick Jamieson, owner of Rick’s Garage and Diner in Palmwoods on the Sunshine Coast hinterland, is one of many whose trade suffered in the first few weeks after the Queensland Government introduced the self-proclaimed toughest anti-bikie laws in the world. During those weeks, …

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Business card & ‘TCB’ patch in VLAD ‘haul’

So far, only 10 charges have been laid under Queensland’s Vicious Lawless Associates Disestablishment (VLAD) Act and various amendments to other laws … and a “TCB” patch confiscated. Deputy Police Commissioner Brett Pointing seems to think that is the measure of success that justifies the draconian laws which have stomped on the civil rights of …

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