GoGo Gear Kevlar armoured leggings from BikieChic

GoGo Gear Kevlar leggings review

“Little MBW” has given the thumb’s up to the new GoGo Gear Kevlar armoured leggings. My daughter, Alice, is a permanent fixture on the back of any bike her partner, Mitch, is riding, but she likes to look stylish. She hates the bulky nature of most of the motorcycle jeans available, so she searched around …

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BikieChic owners Diane Scaysbrook (L) and Selena Thurbon

Women riders to sell BikieChic business

The “bikie chicks” from BikieChic are selling up to enjoy more travel, fishing and surfing.  Selena Thurbon and Diane Scaysbrook are icons of the Australian women riding scene who have forged the foremost women’s motorcycle clothing brand in Australia over the past eight years. Selena acquired Silverhorse Clothing 10 years ago which was a predominately …

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