Bicycle kids will become motorcyclists

Teaching kids to ride ensures motorcycle future

Teaching children how to ride a bicycle is the solution for ensuring the future of motorcycling, according to American motorcycle industry guru Robert Pandya. He points to the All Kids Bike program in the US which is striving to get every child to learn to ride a bicycle in kindergarten PE class. “If every boy …

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Cyclists in bike lanes ride to work day lane filtering bus lanes reward

Reward for two-wheeled commuting?

If cyclists have their way, the Federal Government should pay them a $5 daily reward for commuting to work and taking the strain off roads and public transport. The ridiculous suggestion comes in the lead-up to the Federal election from the Bicycle Network which claims to be Australia’s biggest bike riding organisation with more than …

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Cyclist identification call rejected

Cyclist identification proposal rejected

A Tasmanian Motorcycle Council proposal for free identification numbers for cyclists over 18 has been rejected. Council president Paul Bullock confirms the Tasmanian Road Safety Advisory Council discussed the TMC’s policy proposal.   Proposal rejected “RSAC did not endorse the proposal,” he says. “Discussions identified that it might be timely to develop a campaign about all …

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Cyclist video shows ‘safety in numbers’ bicycle

Cyclist video shows ‘safety in numbers’

This cyclist video from a Tasmanian rider shows how cyclists use numbers to defy the road rules, prompting more calls for an identification system for bicycles. Suzuki rider Estelle Rose posted the video on her Facebook page. Cyclist video “I’m riding to work this morning, obeying the road rules and such, but then I get …

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Harley electric bicycle LiveWire ID specs

Transport expert supports bicycle ID

The coming wave of electric bikes and scooters will create an overlap with bicycles that will put more pressure on cyclists to have ID plates or devices, a transport expert says. Emeritus Professor of Transport Marcus Wigan says bicycles are legal transport and as such should be bound by the same features of ID as other …

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Harley-Davidson bicycle replica

Harley-Davidson unveils replica bicycle

Harley-Davidson has just unveiled a new bike; not a new motorcycle model, but a replica bicycle! The 115-year-old American motorcycle company has released 10 of these replica Harley bicycles for sale at $US4200 (about $US5500, £3130, €3565) from their Museum in Milwaukee and online. While the company has been suffering from a sales decline among …

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Bridgestone airless bicycle tyre

Airless tyres coming to motorcycles?

Airless tyres for motorcycles has come a little closer to reality with the announcement that Bridgestone is working on an airless tyre for bicycles. Bridgestone Corporation and Bridgestone Cycle are working together to make the tyres from recyclable resin. Bridgestone is assessing the feasibility of the tyres and hopes to have a commercial version available …

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Petition against cyclist passing rule

Cyclist rule petition gains traction

A petition to change the road rule allowing drivers to cross solid white lines to overtake a cyclist has attracted more than 1000 signatures (see picture above) in just four days over the New Year break! Crash victim Maritha Keyser’s petition claims the rule puts the lives of motorcyclists, such as herself, in danger. SIGN …

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Kawasaki bicycle

Kawasaki bicycle for kids’ Christmas

This Kawasaki bicycle will make a great Christmas present for your kids … and ultimately the KX Kiddimoto toy might lead to having a riding partner in years to come. We’ve always said that we should be getting our kids hooked on bicycles as it leads to more exciting drugs like motorcycles! Remember when we used to ride …

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Cycling kawasaki bicycle

Motorcyclists should encourage cycling

If motorcyclists want to advance their cause – politically and socially – they should be encouraging kids to take up cycling. I’m all for getting young kids hooked on bicycles. It leads to more exciting drugs like motorcycles! And the more young people who take up motorcycling, the bigger will be our influence. I remember …

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