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Sharing and leasing could help motorcycling

Millennials are not interested in motorcycles, but could be enticed if they could share rides or have the option of leasing instead of buying, according to Wall St investment research company Bernstein Research. The company began looking at the motorcycle industry in the wake of several years of downward sales of Harley-Davidson motorcycles and plummeting …

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BMX and mountain bike racing couple Barry Nobles of the USA and Aussie Olympian Carline Buchanan share a passion for two wheels that extends to their Harleys. millennials leasing interns

Aussie millennials are buying Harleys

Claims that millennials are not buying Harley-Davidson motorcycles, particularly in America, are not the case in Australia and New Zealand. Harley-Davidson Australia and New Zealand marketing boss Adam Wright says their average age of buyers has trended downward, especially since the introduction of the learner-approved Street 500 in 2015. In its first year the bike …

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