Segura Nomad jacket for hispters

Segura Nomad jacket for hipsters

Segura has released a very hipster jacket that takes its inspiration from the famous waxed-cotton Belstaff Trailmaster. The French-made Segura Nomad jacket looks like traditional waxed cotton, but it’s actually a textile/leather combination. It retails for $599.95, which is cheaper than you can buy most Belstaff jackets. Yet it lacks for none of the hipster …

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Richa waxed cotton Ace Jacket

Classic waxed cotton is now ‘waterproof’

Waxed cotton is making a comeback in modern motorcycle riding gear and now manufacturers even claim they are waterproof. Many mature-aged riders remember waxed cotton as the only viable alternative to leather. It was breathable, tough and “water-resistant”, but never waterproof. While there are far better materials available today that have more protection and comfort …

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motorcycle jacket

BMW & Belstaff combine for motorcycle jackets

BMW and Belstaff have combined to make eight motorcycle jackets costing up to $2600. But what else could you expect from these two aspirational brands? READ ABOUT THE BRAND UNION HERE Now BMW Motorrad Australia has announced the arrival of the jackets designed and made by British clothing company Belstaff. They will only be available …

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New Matchless sketches

Matchless is back on drawing board

Matchless is literally back on the drawing board with these sketches being registered in European patents offices by owner Franco Malenotti. The Italian has revitalized the Belstaff motorcycle clothing brand and now appears to be about to do the same with one of Britain’s oldest motorcycle marques. These sketches, obtained by online motor magazine Autoevolution, …

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BMW allies with Belstaff

BMW Motorrad and British motorcycle apparel maker Belstaff are getting together to make  “Pure Motorcycle” jackets. Is this another example of the German motorcycle manufacturer finally realising it should stick to what it knows best – engineering and technology – and leaving the design work to the truly talented? Another example of this recent shift …

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