The Last Motorcycle on Earth! panic omitted

The Last Motorcycle on Earth!

In the not-too-distant future motorcycles will be banned because they are the last dangerous vehicles in a world of electric automated cars, trucks and buses. That’s the fear of many riders and it’s also the subject of a three-part series called The Last Motorcycle on Earth featuring Morgan Freeman that is being crowd-funded on Indiegogo. …

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Motorcycles in asia pollution

Ban on motorbikes and women riders

If you think the authorities want to ban motorbikes or make life difficult for riders here, spare a thought for Vietnamese riders and women riders in some Muslim countries. Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, has approved a plan to ban motorbikes from its streets by 2030 to reduce traffic jams and pollution. It is a ridiculous move …

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UK council bans group rides

Council bans group motorcycle rides

Group motorcycle rides – even for charities – have been banned in one UK council area unless riders inform police and the local council first. Harlow Council in Essex has banned motorcyclists in groups of two or more from riding together between 10am and midnight until April 2017 without council or police approval. The first …

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