autonomous automated Damon X safe motorcycle industry

Will hi-tech motorcycles save industry?

Safer hi-tech motorcycles, such as the Damon X above, will attract the future generation of motorcyclists scared of the dangers of riding and possibly save the industry from extinction, a motorcycle start-up says. Damon Motorcycles CEO and founder Jay Giraud has produced a white paper about the future of the motorcycling industry in which he …

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Tesla detects lane filtering riders automated

Tesla Autopilot detects lane filtering riders

Electric car company Tesla is further developing its Autopilot software that detects lane-filtering riders as shown in this driver’s YouTube video. One of the biggest issues about the rapid move toward autonomous vehicles is how they will detect small and vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians. In one incident in San Francisco …

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Self-riding BMW technology Connectride

BMW unveils ConnectedRide self-riding motorcycle

BMW Motorrad is the latest motorcycle company to reveal its self-riding technology with its ConnectedRide R 1200 GS Adventure fitted with autonomous computer tech. The German manufacturer had already telegraphed its intentions with the “crashproof” Vision Next 100 self-balancing motorcycle concept. And British company AB Dynamics used a BMW C1 to develop by a self-riding scooter to …

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Ride Vision road safety automated vehicle autonomous riderless dirverless

Ride Vision technology promises 360° vision

Ride Vision will be the first aftermarket hi-tech collision avoidance and warning system available to riders of any type of motorcycle. The system will use standard action cameras mounted front and back, linked by an ECU that monitors traffic hazards and sends visual alerts via lights in the wing mirrors as well as an audio …

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Autonomous automated vehicle

Would you travel in an automated vehicle?

The National Transport Commission is asking whether motorists would travel in an automated vehicle in its latest promotional video. The question to riders should be whether you feel safe riding on a road with automated vehicles around you as there is still concern about the ability for the technology to identify motorcycles on the road. …

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Lane filtering lane splitting America blame wins

Rider sues GM over self-driving car crash

Autonomous vehicles have been dealt a blow recently with a lane-splitting rider deciding to sue GM for a crash involving one of their self-driving cars. This comes as a Tesla Model S also recently crashed into a parked fire engine in Los Angeles while the car was on Tesla’s Autopilot driver assistance system. The National …

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Lane filtering lane splitting America blame

Police blame rider in autonomous car crash

Blame for an autonomous car crashing into a motorcycle has been placed on the lane-splitting rider, despite the fact that it is legal in California. It’s not the first crash involving an autonomous vehicle and not the first where a motorcycle was not detected by autonomous vehicle sensors. It also comes as a US panel …

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Valentino Rossi races Motobot

Yamaha robot races Valentino Rossi

If you’ve ever wondered who would win a race between a robot and MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi, well wonder no longer as this video shows. After three years of development, the Yamaha Motobot is now in its second generation of development. Valentino wins … for now Yet Motobot Ver.2 still can’t beat Valentino. In fact, …

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ABS brakes autonomous

Go slow on ABS, ESC and autonomous vehicles

The Australian Motorcycle Council is calling on authorities to slow down the testing and introduction of autonomous vehicles and to abandon plans for mandatory ABS and traction control. AMC representative Guy Stanford says authorities seem to keen to progress toward autonomous vehicles without considering the impact on motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists who may not be …

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BMW’s crashproof balancing boxer bike

BMW has unveiled a Vision Next 100 balancing “crashproof” bike with an electric boxer motor, textile fairing, no suspension and a flexible frame that helps steer the bike. And the rider won’t even need a helmet or protective clothing! No, it’s not April 1. The futuristic Vision concept bike has been unveiled in LA at …

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