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Why Has BMW Built A Self-Driving Motorcycle?

(Contributed post by Steve Charli)  With artificial intelligence and self-driving cars dominating the automotive industry, one can’t help but wonder if there’s any technology that’s similar in the motorcycle industry. And to my delight, I’ve found that BMW has already made something similar.  CES 2019, Las Vegas. Cue BMW engineer Stephan Hans, as he steps …

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Tesla detects lane filtering riders automated

Automated cars ‘increase SMIDSY crashes’

Hi-tech automated cars make drivers lazy and less likely to see motorcycles which could lead to an increase in Sorry Mate, I Didn’t See You (SMIDSY) crashes, a new study has found. Rice University and Texas Tech University studied 60 drivers over a 40-minute drive in a “simulated partially automated vehicle” and found their hazard …

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Will 5G networks make riding safer?

5G phone networks may make autonomous driving and vehicle sensors more sensitive and reliable, but will the faster networks also increase driver distractions? A Spanish automotive company has demonstrated how 5G capability will improve inter-vehicle communication to detect vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists. Ficosa used Barcelona’s 5G network to demonstrate its Bitax telematic platform …

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Valentino Rossi meets self-riding bike

Valentino Rossi has met Yamaha’s self-riding Motobot in this official video from the Japanese manufacturer who plans to have an automated self-riding motorcycle available within a decade. In the video, Valentino watches the Motobot cut some laps and then goes out and shows the robot how t’s done, providing the Yamaha engineers with vital data. It …

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Yamaha Motobot, a robot that rides a motorcycle tests self balancing autonomous

Yamaha plans self-riding bike by 2026

Yamaha plans to have an automated self-riding motorcycle available within a decade, according to a report in the Financial Times. The Japanese motorcycle company has already run tests with their Motobot, a robot riding a special motorcycle with outrigger wheels which they claim will beat Rossi’s lap times on several race tracks around the world …

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