Cars may soon ‘see’ riders in blind corners

Princeton University is developing an automated radar system that will detect and alert drivers and riders of oncoming traffic and pedestrians around blind corners. Professor Felix Heide,an  assistant professor of computer science at the uni, says the system has ramifications for the safety of motorcyclists. “We have already tested bicyclists successfully, so motorcyclists and scooter …

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Harley-Davidson FXDR now

Future cars may listen for motorbikes

There may be no need for a loud exhaust so drivers can hear riders with future technology allowing cars to listen for vital noises as quiet as a nail puncturing a tyre. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology (IDMT) in Oldenburg, Germany, have developed a prototype system capable of recognising important external …

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Will 5G networks make riding safer?

5G phone networks may make autonomous driving and vehicle sensors more sensitive and reliable, but will the faster networks also increase driver distractions? A Spanish automotive company has demonstrated how 5G capability will improve inter-vehicle communication to detect vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists. Ficosa used Barcelona’s 5G network to demonstrate its Bitax telematic platform …

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How to ride safely in heavy traffic lane filtering peeved commuters lip automatic brakes

Automatic brakes in cars; motorbikes next?

Automatic brakes that sense an imminent crash and activate an emergency stop have been endorsed in all new cars from 2020. Are motorcycles next? The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe says 40 countries have agreed to require new cars and light commercial vehicles be equipped with automatic brakes. Those countries include Australia, Japan and …

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Curve signs - Oxley Highway may set safety standard Austroads read Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) Signs warnings

Vehicle sensors read speed signs 

Future motorcycles and other vehicles may have sensors that read roadside speed limit signs and electronically intervene to limit the vehicle’s speed. Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) is already included in some luxury cars and could soon be more widespread as automated cars, buses, trucks and even motorcycles become available. The technology uses sensors which “read” …

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Lane filtering lane splitting America blame wins

Two big wins for lane-filtering riders

Lane filtering riders have scored two big wins with General Motors compensating a rider hit by one of their automated cars and Ford Motor Company applying for a patent to detect and avoid filtering riders. San Francisco rider Oscar Nilsson was hit by a Chevrolet Bolt in automated drive in San Francisco late last year …

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Riders ‘risk cancer from autonomous cars positive automated

Automated vehicles ‘a positive for riders’

Autonomous vehicles have several positive outcomes for riders including greater safety, improved riding experience and attracting new riders, and should be included in rider training curricula, an American conference has found. The recent “Intelligent Transportation Systems and Automated Vehicle Applications Impacts on Motorcycle Safety” hosted by the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) and Congressional Motorcycle Caucus …

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The Last Motorcycle on Earth! panic omitted

The Last Motorcycle on Earth!

In the not-too-distant future motorcycles will be banned because they are the last dangerous vehicles in a world of electric automated cars, trucks and buses. That’s the fear of many riders and it’s also the subject of a three-part series called The Last Motorcycle on Earth featuring Morgan Freeman that is being crowd-funded on Indiegogo. …

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Riderless motorbikes may have advantages

It seems ridiculous that there could be any advantages to riders in developing a riderless motorcycle, yet there are several manufacturers and companies developing them. They say the advantages are proving whether motorcycles can exist safely around autonomous vehicles and testing motorcycles for durability without endangering the life of a human rider. There could also be …

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V2V vehicle to vehicle communications automated vehicles driverless self-driving

How will self-driving cars affect riders?

Riders have been invited to make submissions on road rules about the coming revolution of automated self-driving vehicles. The National Transport Commission (NTC) is considering how Australian governments should amend driver laws to facilitate the introduction of automated vehicles. However, their press release said they were asking road transport agencies, police, and industry to  make …

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