BMW Motorrad SOS alert button tracker message calls

Automatic emergency call technology for bikes

Motorcycles should be fitted with automatic crash call technology to reduce emergency response times which are more lethal in Australia’s rural and remote areas, an Austroads report has found. The Guide to Road Safety Part 5: Road Safety for Rural and Remote Areas also suggests compulsory first-aid training for learners and those renewing licences in rural and …

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Resurfacing Roadworks midweek warriors regional

Slug riders over regional crashes: Austroads

Regional speed limits should be reduced up to 30km/h and riders slugged with a levy to fix rural roads, according to a new Austroads report. The worrying proposals are included in the Guide to Road Safety Part 5: Road Safety for Rural and Remote Areas. It points out that motorcyclist deaths have remained stable in major …

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Passing lanes

Passing lanes make motorists safer

Passing lanes make motorists safer with many speeding up to 125km/h to safely pass, yet police continue to set up speed traps in these safe sections of road. Austroads has published a report that found passing lanes have many safety benefits, including perceived safety by motorists, safer operational conditions, and historical crash reductions. That’s despite …

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Epidemic of reduced speed limits in 2016

Are there too many changes in speed zones?

Despite a 2014 Austroads report finding there are too many speed zones and the frequency of zone changes is too high, chances of authorities making any changes as a result of the report are minimal, an Austroads official admits. The 116-page “Model National Guidelines for Setting Speed Limits at High-Rick Locations” report is not a …

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Roundabouts road safety rules

Roundabouts a major rider danger

Roundabouts are just as dangerous for riders as intersections says Austroads which has called for riders to be considered a priority in “Safe System” design. Their aptly named report, “Understanding and Improving Safe System Intersection Performance” says intersections account for 30% of all vehicle crash injuries, but a massive 47% for motorcyclists. It confirms the …

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BMW Vision Next 100 driverless automated self-driving artificial intelligence tests autonomous kill

Riders ignored by autonomous tests

Australian governments have issued guidelines for trials of autonomous vehicles on our roads but made no mention of motorcycles. The 24-page Austroads and National Transport Commission report does not mention motorcycles once, although bicycles are mentioned. Austroads boss Nick Koukoulas says the guidelines draw on international best practice and have a strong focus on safety. …

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uk roads motorcycles and scooters congestion Are roads becoming safer for riders?

Are roads becoming safer for riders?

Road construction and road safety experts around the world are acknowledging that roads need to be designed with rider safety in mind, but only one country seems to be following the advice. Highways England, the company responsible for running over 4000 miles (6400km) of England’s motorways and major roads, has joined a landmark collaboration to …

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Austroads Motorcycle hazard perception tests added

Motorcycle hazard perception tests added

Austroads is producing a claimed world-first library of motorcycle hazard perception test (HPT) videos and supporting road safety material to help train novice riders. The project is expected to modernise the HPT videos used in most states and introduce them in Tasmania and the territories. It is believed the computer-based motorcycle-specific tests will improve learner training and graduated licensing systems. …

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Riderless motorcycles are coming

Yamaha is testing a robot motorcycle, Kawasaki is developing a bike with artificial intelligence and now an engineering student has built a riderless model-sized motorcycle. Could the bikes of the future ride themselves and not need rider input? In the above video, micro-engineering student Eric Unnervik, from the Research institution in Lausanne, explains (in French) how …

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Austroads Better roads report lane filtering Are roads becoming safer for riders?

Better roads reduce bike crashes, report

Roads need to be better designed, funded and maintained to reduce the risk of motorcycle crashes, a 244-page Austroads report has found. The report, titled “Infrastructure Improvements to Reduce Motorcycle Casualties”, is the result of a two-year study to identify infrastructure improvements to reduce motorcycle crash risk and crash severity. It says motorcycles should be …

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