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Motorcycle helmet laws ‘not freely available’

Riders are confused about the legality of helmets with Bluetooth and camera attachments because the rules are not freely available and too technical. In its submission to the National Transport Commission (NTC) on uniform national road rules, motorcycle specialist legal firm Maurice Blackburn Lawyers argues that riders cannot hope to know the rules because they are difficult …

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Helmet forum may clear up issues

Riders are still in the dark on several helmet issues including tinted visors, labels, stickers and attachments, so Standards Australia has organised a second invitation-only forum on May 18 to discuss various issues that may settle some of this confusion. The first forum was held early last year to discuss hemet standards, certification and regulation. …

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Approved helmets are ‘dangerous’

Helmets that have been approved for Australian riders may be too heavy and stiff, causing more injuries than they prevent, according to one researcher. Helmet law researcher Tim Kelly says the very rules that are designed to approve safe helmets are forcing us to wear helmets that are too heavy in the shell with liners …

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Cyclist helmet laws

Cyclists, mums threatened by helmet law

Mums and cyclists could face fines if the Victorian Police interpretation of motorcycle helmet laws is upheld in a Magistrates Court. The bizarre turn of events is due to the police interpretation of Australian Standards which, if taken to the letter of the law, would even require motorcyclists to carry a book of instructions on the …

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