Void helmet Ian Joice

Victory in void helmet sticker fine

Police have waived a Bribie Island rider’s $400/3point infringement for having a void helmet sticker in a test case that proves riders can legally remove the external sticker. Ian Joice, 63, says he was pulled over by police on Bowen Rd, Glass House Mountains, on 12 August 2019 at 11.38am. He says the officer noted …

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Absurd visor laws need simplification ripoff

Absurd tinted visor laws need simplification

Our current laws on use of a tinted visor on a motorcycle helmet are so absurd they don’t even distinguish between riders and pillions says rider rights campaigner Wayne Carruthers. He points out the ridiculous error in his submission to the National Transport Commission (NTC) which is reviewing Australian Road Rules to gain some uniformity …

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Edge lane filtering road rules kerb

Move to prevent motorcycle edge filtering ban

A proposal to make lane filtering rules uniform across Australia seeks to ban edge filtering, according to the Australian Motorcycle Council. In its submission to the National Transport Commission, the AMC says the Australian Road Rules Maintenance Group (a group outside of the NTC made up of representatives from Austroads) has confused edge filtering with …

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Triumph Bonneville fuel economy rules service station fuel economy

Helmet and riding rules you didn’t know

Did you know you cannot even walk your motorcycle from the bowser to a parking space unless you are wearing a helmet, according to the road rules? This is one of the arcane rules regarding motorcycles which the Australian National Transport  Commission is planning to clean up. You can read all the proposals in the …

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