Motorcycle activists needed

Motorcycle riders will continue to be marginalised victims of society unless they stop being keyboard warriors and become real activists, says a rider representative. Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland president Chris Mearns says he is frustrated by the riders willing to criticise, but not help. The last time riders rallied in numbers was during the …

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lane filtering signs consensus duty defend filter tasmania

Consensus coming on road rules?

National road rules, including lane filtering, are being discussed now and are likely to be put out for public discussion in July with consensus expected by November. The disparity of road rules between states is exemplified in the recent introduction of lane filtering. It is now permitted in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and still …

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Leave a gap lane filtering rules signs tasmania lowest rules vary

Riders urged to challenge filtering fines

Riders have been urged to challenge lane filtering fines in court to press the point that they are confusing and varied across state borders. Rider advocates Wayne Carruthers and Guy Stanford say that riders are confused about the rules and being fined heavily for minor transgressions of the lane filtering rules. The fines are more …

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Should you jump start a dead bike? standing

Rider defends standing on footpegs

A young rider has successfully defended a fine for standing on the footpegs after NSW police deemed it unsafe. Over the past couple of years, all Australians states have changed the road rules to allow motorcycle riders to stand on the footpegs, with the caveat “when it is safe to do so”, or similar wording. Motorcycle Council of …

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Maritha Keyser Cyclist rule endangers motorcyclists

Cyclist rule endangers motorcyclists

The rule allowing drivers to cross a solid white line to overtake a cyclist is putting the lives of motorcyclists in danger, according to crash victim Maritha Keyser (pictured above) and rider groups. SIGN MARITHA’S PETITION A year ago Maritha was involved in an accident when a vehicle legally crossed a double white line to pass a …

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Wire rope barriers better roads austroads report hazards support old solar panels promise

Wire rope road barriers divide motorcyclists

A new Austroads report on road barriers has recommended fitting padding on the posts that hold up the wires on wire rope roadside barriers to improve rider safety, rather than scrapping them altogether. Many motorcycle riders refer to wire rope barriers as “widow-makers”, “rider slicers” and “people graters”. However, the Australian Motorcycle Council (AMC) and First …

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Lane filtering lane splitting

Moving slowly on lane splitting laws

While Australia has largely embraced lane filtering over the past two years, the US has been moving slowly toward lane splitting. In the latest move, Washington would allow motorcyclists to go around cars in slow-moving traffic under a proposal approved by the Senate. They will trial a system until July 31, 2018, where motorcycles can …

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Sena Smart Helmet

More motorcycle helmet reform needed

While the motorcycle community is celebrating the reform that allows international-standard helmets to be sold in Australia, issues such as visors and action cameras still need to be resolved. Australian Motorcycle Council Helmets Committee Chair Guy Stanford says there are many people to thank for the bureaucratic change, but says they will also have to …

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VMC chairman Peter Baulch city

Helmet laws, lane filtering are win/loss

The introduction of lane filtering in four states and a territory, and wider helmet laws in two states and a territory are both a win and loss, says the new Australian Motorcycle Council chairman. “It’s a bit of a conundrum because some states have now got what we’ve been campaigning for over many years so it’s a win, but …

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Shaun Lennard political

Motorcyclists gain a sympathetic political voice

Motorcyclists in Australia have just received a significant political voice with the appointment of Shaun Lennard as a media adviser for the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party’s Senator. Senator Ricky Muir of Victoria says Shaun will bring “extensive experience in a range of areas to my office: in media, motoring, motorcycling – indeed all aspects of …

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