Helmet fine win

Another win on incorrect helmet fine

Police continue to hand out incorrect  fines for helmet non-compliance and riders continue to challenge and win against the erroneous fines. In this latest win, not only did the copper get it wrong, NSW Revenue “clearly did not bother reading the Road Rules either”, says Australian Motorcycle Council chairman Guy Stanford. It follows a similar …

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Roller barriers may be safer for riders

Roller barriers may be safer for riders

Motorcycle rider advocates have cautiously welcomed a Western Australia trial of new roller barriers with high-visibility plastic rollers on steel polls that rotate when hit by a vehicle. Similar barriers have been used in South Korea, Thailand, India and the United States and have been under trial with VicRoads at three locations for about four years. …

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Wire rope barriers better roads austroads report hazards support old solar panels promise

Wire rope barriers criticised

Riders may be divided on whether wire rope barriers are good or bad for motorcyclists, but the Victorian Country Fire Authority says they block access to crashes and bushfires. VicRoads now faces a $2 million cut to retrofit emergency access points in the more than 2000km of wire rope barriers (WRB) they have installed. Victorian …

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Helmet safety motorcycle crash accident ratings

Riders to access gear safety ratings

Motorcyclists will soon know how safe their riding gear is after the launch today of a 12-month pilot program to establish a safety ratings system. The five-star ratings will be available online and will be similar to crash ratings for vehicles and energy efficiency ratings for appliances. Deakin University’s Institute for Frontier Mate has been …

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Absurd visor laws need simplification ripoff

Absurd tinted visor laws need simplification

Our current laws on use of a tinted visor on a motorcycle helmet are so absurd they don’t even distinguish between riders and pillions says rider rights campaigner Wayne Carruthers. He points out the ridiculous error in his submission to the National Transport Commission (NTC) which is reviewing Australian Road Rules to gain some uniformity …

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Edge lane filtering road rules kerb

Move to prevent motorcycle edge filtering ban

A proposal to make lane filtering rules uniform across Australia seeks to ban edge filtering, according to the Australian Motorcycle Council. In its submission to the National Transport Commission, the AMC says the Australian Road Rules Maintenance Group (a group outside of the NTC made up of representatives from Austroads) has confused edge filtering with …

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Edge filtering is allowed under Queendsland lane filtering rules uniform

Confusion grows over uniform road rules

Attempts to draft uniform national road rules, including helmet and filtering laws, may leave riders even more confused and prone to copping fines from police. Lawyers and motorcycle advocates have warned that draft road rules drawn up by the National Transport Commission (NTC) proposals are fatally flawed and have begun drafting their own proposals. You …

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Shaun Lennard safety barriers status national motorcycle safety sentence rope

Growth may devalue Motorcycle Friendly Town status

Rapid growth in the number of towns declaring themselves motorcycle friendly could devalue the term’s status, says Australian Motorcycle Council (AMC) chairman Shaun Lennard (pictured above). “This is something good in the world of motorcycling, but the idea is still only small,” he says. “There are only a handful of places that use this term …

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Rolling barrier motorbike crash

Barrier key to motorcycle safety

Riders are better off hitting a roadside barrier in a crash than having no barrier and hitting a tree, says Australian Motorcycle Council chairman Shaun Lennard. He says road side barriers are one of the most important keys to motorcycle safety and research is finally identifying how they affect rider safety. Barriers have been proven to …

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Springborg (second left) at the Texas Motorcycle Friendly Town launch tourism crows nest status status

Motorcycle Friendly status may be regulated

There are moves to regulate the granting of Motorcycle Friendly Town status with a long list of essential and desired requirements for councils, pubs, cafes, restaurants, accommodation and service stations. FILL IN THE QUICK 6-QUESTION SURVEY AT THE END OF THIS ARTICLE This is in response to several towns, shires and even one whole region …

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